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Providing Dental Bridges in Rochester

When you have gaps in your smile, they can make it difficult for you to feel confident, speak, and even eat. A dental bridge offers a perfect solution for filling the empty space with prosthetic teeth that feel and look natural. At the dental office of Susan Bracker, DDS, we provide dental bridges for patients in Rochester and the surrounding communities. Our dental bridges give you a permanent and secure alternative to wearing temporary dentures. A bridge will look completely natural after being placed by our dentists.

At our dental office, we offer a variety of solutions for replacing your missing teeth. Therefore, if dental bridges are not suited to your needs, our dentists can recommend a more suitable solution. In addition to bridges, our dentist can help strengthen your teeth, boost your oral health, and improve your smile no matter your current situation. Call us today to schedule an appointment to determine whether you are a good candidate for dental bridges in Rochester.


What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge refers to a device that replaces a single missing tooth or a series of missing teeth in a row. A bridge usually attaches the artificial teeth to the adjacent natural teeth, known as abutment teeth. However, implant-supported bridges will rely on dental implants to hold them in place. Bridges are cemented permanently in position and can only be removed by a dentist. Based on your dental condition, our dentist will discuss with you which type of dental bridge is the best option for your oral health.

What Are the Advantages Of Dental Bridges?

If you work with our team for your dental bridges, we will ensure that your bridge is created to beautifully fit your smile. Our team will do everything possible to ensure you are relaxed and comfortable during the procedure. At the office of Susan Bracker, DDS, our dental bridges come with many benefits for patients who have missing teeth. They include the following:

Customized to Your Needs: Our dental bridges are specifically tailored for you. Since they are personalized, every dental bridge will seamlessly fit your bite and give you aesthetically pleasing results.

Natural Appearance: Once placed, our dental bridges look and feel like your natural teeth.

Prevents Shifting of Teeth: A significant tooth loss will eventually cause the remaining teeth to tilt towards the open space. Our dental bridge treatments fill this space, preventing shifting of teeth and further tooth loss.

Prevents Development of Other Dental Problems: With dental bridges, we help you preserve your oral health and remaining teeth. When you have missing teeth on one side of the mouth, you tend to chew food more on the other side that has teeth. This may cause the remaining teeth to wear out more quickly since they being overworked. In addition, other dental issues may occur, such as potential misalignment and lasting discomfort.

Restores Your Smile: A smile that is both healthy and beautiful can make you feel more confident. Dental bridges will help enhance the quality of your life and bite by restoring your complete smile.

Our Rochester Dental Bridge Process

dental bridges in rochesterWe offer several types of dental bridges, including traditional bridges, implant-supported bridges, and Maryland bridges, also known as resin-bonded bridges. The type of bridge and materials used will depend on where your teeth are missing. During your initial visit, our team will perform a thorough examination of your oral health to determine which bridge solution is right for you.

Our dentist will make impressions of your natural teeth that serve as a mold from which your dental bridges in Rochester will be developed. We will also create a temporary bridge that you will wear as you wait for your permanent bridge to be completed. Once you're ready for your permutant bridge to be placed, the temporary bridge will be removed, and the new, custom-made bridge will be fixed in the gap left by your missing teeth.

Recovery After Dental Bridges Installation

Immediately after the dental bridge installation process, you should plan on eating soft foods for a few days. Our dentist will inform you when you can introduce your normal foods back into your diet. When well maintained and with good oral hygiene practices of brushing and flossing regularly, your Rochester bridges can last between 10-15 years. The better you take care of the bridge and your overall oral health, the longer your dental bridge will last.

Get Professional Dental Bridges in Rochester

At the dental office of Susan Bracker, DDS, we work extra hard to make all visits to our office pleasant and comfortable. Our dentists can help you learn more about dental bridges and how they will be used to replace your missing teeth. We are conveniently located in Rochester and are currently accepting new patients. If you're interested in a dental bridge to replace your missing teeth, call our office to schedule your appointment today.



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