Dental Implants

Precise Dental Implant Placement in Rochester, NY

At the dental office of Dr. Susan Bracker, our implant dentist takes meticulous care when evaluating your dental condition, planning treatment, and placing dental implants. From listening to your concerns and goals to restoring your smile with a crown, bridge, or denture, Dr. Bracker pays close attention to detail. Our dental practice provides expert dental implant placement and restoration for Rochester and nearby communities.

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant consists of a small biocompatible post (fixture) usually titanium and the corresponding restoration. The fixture is inserted into the jaw where it fuses with the bone and becomes a sturdy foundation for the appropriate prosthetic. 

Dental implants replace tooth roots to comprehensively restore missing teeth. When traditional restorations, like fixed bridges, are used instead, support relies on the adjacent teeth being healthy enough to receive crowns. These teeth are first altered for the placement of the crowns to secure the prosthetic. Implant-supported restorations feel natural and are securely anchored with artificial tooth roots, with no modification of surrounding dental anatomy.

Restoration Options for Dental Implants

Crown – To replace a single tooth we use a single post to support a crown that is expertly color matched to your existing, healthy teeth.

Bridge – To replace a row of teeth we use a single-unit or multi-unit bridge for a more functional and long-lasting solution than with traditional fixed bridges. A single-unit bridge uses two posts and can replace up to three teeth in a row; additional fixtures can be added to support more.

Denture – To replace a full arch of teeth, as few as four implant posts can support a permanent denture. As little as two fixtures are needed to secure removable dentures.

The prolonged absence of teeth causes the jawbone to lose bone mass. In these cases, or in the presence of severe gum disease, bone grafting may be needed to ensure a successful dental implant treatment. Healing time with bone grafting is typically between three to six months. 

Implant-supported Dentures in Rochester

Removable overdentures or permanent hybrid dentures are two options we provide for our patients who wear dentures. Dental implants can often be used with your current denture. Dr. Bracker also offers high-quality dentures if you need a new set. These are designed to fit correctly, feel comfortable, and look natural. To Learn More about receiving dental implants in Rochester, call Dr. Bracker Today!

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