Providing Traditional and Clear Braces in Rochester, NY

Orthodontics specializes in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of malocclusions: irregularities that affect the teeth, jaw and bite.  

Susan Bracker, DDS, offers a wide range of orthodontic treatments at our Rochester dental office. Whether you are an adult who wants to explore discreet options for straightening your teeth or have concerns about your child’s smile, our compassionate dentist can help.

Orthodontic Services Available

Dr. Bracker provides both conventional and alternative teeth straightening solutions. If you are not happy with the way your smile looks, consider our treatment options.

Phase One/Early Intervention – This treatment is for young children (usually around seven years old) facing potentially complex orthodontic issues. Early orthodontic intervention takes advantage of a young patient’s flexible jaw to adjust oral structures that may prevent emerging teeth from growing in straight. Phase one orthodontics is a great way to reduce or eliminate the need for more invasive treatment in the future.

Traditional Braces – We offer several options for older children and adults who have crowded teeth, misaligned upper and lower arches, or other types of malocclusion. This appliance is available with metal, clear, or tooth-colored brackets that are attached to teeth. A silver or white wire is threaded through the brackets to guide teeth into proper alignment.

The Benefits of a Uniform Smile 

Cleaner teeth mean fewer cavities - A straight smile is a healthy smile. Home oral hygiene is easier and more effective since there are fewer nooks and crannies where plaque and food debris can hide. Should you need any restorations such as a crown or bridge, the procedure is much simpler when teeth are straight.

A straight smile is also easier to whiten - Since more of the tooth surfaces are exposed, whitening treatments can penetrate more of your smile. When straightening teeth with the Invisalign method, Dr. Bracker can provide our professional-strength take-home teeth whitener to use with your last aligner in the series.

Whether you are an adult who wants to explore discreet options for straightening your teeth or have concerns about your child’s developing smile, our compassionate dentist can help. Call Now to Learn More about Our Rochester Orthodontic Options




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