Endodontic Care in Rochester, NY

Endodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry that deals with the complex structures found inside the teeth. When one thinks about endodontics, they are usually considering root canal therapy. This treatment is the most common procedure performed in the endodontic field.

Dr. Susan Bracker provides root canal therapy for patients when a tooth has been damaged by decay, infection, or injury. If not for this treatment, the damaged tooth would likely have to be extracted. Missing teeth pose a threat to your oral health as well as interrupting the uniformity of your smile. 

Signs of Endodontic Problems

These symptoms may be present when a root canal is needed:

Tenderness or Inflamed Gums
Sensitive to Hot and Cold Foods
Discomfort when Chewing 
Tooth Discoloration

Reasons for Endodontic Treatment

Bacterial infections –Decay can compromise the enamel of the tooth, allowing oral bacteria to invade the pulp. Left untreated, the resulting inflammation and bacterial infection can cause intense discomfort and may lead to an abscess.

Dental Fractures and Chips – Sometimes, a large part of the tooth can crack or break off. In many of these cases, root canal therapy can restore both form and function to the tooth. 

Dental Injuries – A blow to the mouth can result in a dental trauma. Some injuries cause a tooth to become avulsed (dislodged) partially or fully from the socket. Root canal therapy is typically needed after the injured tooth has been successfully replanted.

What Does Endodontic Treatment Involve?

Root canal therapy usually takes between one and three visits to complete. First, detailed images of your teeth are obtained so we can see the extent of the damage and plan the appropriate procedure strategy.

After administering an anesthetic, Dr. Bracker makes an opening at the top of the tooth. The pulp and any infected tissue will be carefully cleaned out. The opening will then be filled with gutta-percha, a biocompatible material that restores strength and function to the tooth. Once completely sealed, an impression of the tooth is obtained, and a temporary crown is placed until the permanent crown has been crafted.

Root canal therapy fully restores the function of a damaged tooth and helps you avoid extraction and the need for a dental implant.

Learn More about How to Save Your Tooth with Root Canal Therapy at our Rochester Office

If you have questions or concerns about endodontic procedures or root canal therapy, please call our Rochester dental office. Our friendly staff is happy to help!




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